The Ultimate Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

The Ultimate Couples Halloween Costume Ideas
So you’re looking to do the whole couples Halloween costume thing are you? Isn’t it fun when you can rock the town together? And who doesn’t want to win the best couple costume award at the party? We get it! You’ve come to the right place to find the ultimate couples costume ideas.
1) Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume
If the two of you stick together just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, this couples' food costume idea might be just what you're looking for. You can't go wrong with a classic, after all! These gender-neutral tunic costumes are great for couples and friends of any gender. You just have to solve the dilemma of who gets to be peanut butter vs. jelly.
2) Bacon and Eggs Costume
Be the couples' costume that everyone wants to wake up to when you team up as bacon and eggs. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and what pairs better with eggs than a couple of slices of bacon? It's a good enough combination that we'd have it for brunch too.
3) Salt and Pepper Costume
You can't add salt to your dinner without a dash of pepper, and vice-versa! This couples' outfit is the go-to duo for foodies everywhere. Show everyone that you're a combination of sugar, spice and everything nice with this wonderful pair of condiment costumes. Bon appétit!
4) Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny
5) Netflix and Chill
6) IG vs Reality
Poke fun at the "reality" of Instagram with this #filter and #nofilter couple's costume
7) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Without gas, who knows where Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy would end up in the invisible boatmobile.

8) Milk & Cookie(s)
What's better than pairing milk and cookies? Almost nothing, except matching with your partner on Halloween!
9) Wizard of Oz
You may not be in Kansas this Halloween, but these DIY Cowardly Lion and Tin Man costumes will transport you to a technicolor time.
10) Tourists
Maps? Check. Binoculars? Check. Hats? Jorts? 'Merica pride? Check. Check. Check. These tourists will indeed fight a crowd to get to the Halloween candy this year.

11) Bob Ross & His Tree
Bob Ross is painting his happy tree and showing off his canvas around the town. 
12) Velma & Shaggy
Gear up the van! Shaggy is ready to do some mystery solving.
13) Sulley & Boo
Boo! These Monsters Inc. costumes (all you need are sweats and some felt) are made for adults, too!
14) Woody & Buzz
Andy would be impressed with these two⁠—who's the Woody to your Buzz?
15) Beetlejuice & Lydia
Try to return to the world of the living by dressing as goth girl, Lydia and Beetlejuice this fall.

16) Sumo Wrestlers
These inflatable sumo wrestlers are ready to rumble.
17) The Incredibles
Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, or better known as "The Incredibles," are ready to fight crime in their superhero attire.
18) Milk & Cereal
Match the milk to your cocoa puffs in this DIY carton and bowl costume.
19) Flintstone Family
Meet the modern stone age family. Create these costumes easily with loads of fabric, like this Wilma did herself.

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